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Is a behavioral determinants interface, not the interface of conduct is

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How to conduct user interface design, or Web site page design, has recently become a relatively hot topic, Keso, where there are quite a few related blog:


"Art" Not only a troubled mind, Guo Shuang, http://blog.guoshuang.com/david/showlog.asp?log_id=2647

UI does not mean that human-computer interaction design, as with the m, http://www.misuisui.com/weblog/article.asp?id=140

The user experience is your face, Lv Xinxin http://www.donews.net/xasf/archive/2005/05/17/383842.aspx

We might as well take Amazon's acclaimed one-click purchase to shun melon vines die this:

First of all, not because the button has only appeared in one-click buying, but because the one-click buying service, before deciding on a button so the interface;

One-click buying is the site of a behavior (behavior is the way websites interact with users; interaction is the user using the product and product feedback to the user two-way process, interaction design is a two-way process of such design, including the definition of this in the process of visual interface, user experience is generated in such an interactive process where);

Then keep going away, why should design a button to buy this behavior?

Reason for this behavior, because it is the user's buying habits, have been entered in the various information becomes available, do not have to re-enter again, according to the original payment and shipping information for re-purchase, can save users time and reduce the middle of operation, so that the buying process more convenient, faster, more comfortable, which is one of the goals the user's online shopping, it also can promote the user Is a behavioral determinants interface, not the interface of conduct is The ultimate goal of online shopping; allow users to get a good shopping experience;

In other words, such a design, it is valuable to users, but also visible, felt, it is obvious value;

Beyond that on the back, so that the design of Amazon's value: as seen, felt, it is clear: business volume, increase profits, service quality improvement, brand image better;

The order of the user interface design is this: the value of the site + the value of the user === "site behavior ===" website interface

Also, is who do interface design, art, or engineers, programmers, or web page?

I am not an art, not a programmer nor a web engineer, although I have a lot of friends is a clip (I prefer the graphic designers of this title), programmers, web engineers, which has a very good graphic designers, programmers , web engineer.

I am an interaction designer, interactive designer's job is to define the product's appearance and behavior, what it looks like, using up what it's like, let the user to what kind of goals, so as to achieve business goals. This is the middle need to work with graphic designers to collaborate and the need for programmers and web engineers to achieve the final.

The work of interaction design may consist of graphic designers, programmers, web engineers, or managers, and so on others to carry out, but it itself is a very professional job, interaction design is interaction design, not graphic design, development, and management.

Interaction design is not imagination, not by creativity, it needs to be rigorously investigated and research, insight into the user's goals, behavior and mental habits, and made available to developers can implement the program. It is the same as its own processes and methods, which, Personas and goal-oriented interaction is very important to design methods.

A good interaction design can generate enormous value to reach the user's goal, to create a good user experience, saving users time and allow users happy, customer satisfaction, and others followed.

Recalling the period of the last interviews with Mr. Alan Cooper Classics:

fly cat: Cooper, Mr., can you briefly describe the essence of interaction design do?

alancooper: Let technology users, rather than letting the user services technology.

tipsyy: then please tell me, interactive designers in charge of a project to do? What kind of role he was responsible for?

alancooper: Interaction Designer shall be responsible for procedures for what to do and how to express. We designed the first part of the project is targeted problem domain in detail research projects.

smilemac: Interaction designers and project managers may be the same people?

alancooper: Why? Why let an expert in the field of work in another area?

fly cat: In China, the programmer's development path is: coding - "Design -" Management.

alancooper: I think this is incorrect. Should be the primary programmer - "programmer -" senior programmer; Junior Designer - "Intermediate Designer -" Senior Designer; junior managers - "mid-level managers -" senior managers. Programmer is usually a bad designer and poor managers. All the work title is ambiguous and confusing.

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