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Optimization of the new sites should pay attention to several matters

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The past two weeks, with the majority of head SEOer should have been found that Baidu weighting algorithm for web page has made some major adjustments, many sites are there right down to varying degrees. At the same time, also found a number of e-commerce portal with the weight has been decreased to varying degrees. And Baidu's encyclopedia such as Baidu, Baidu Knows and so on, the corresponding weight to enhance a lot. Baidu algorithm to deal with the adjustment of this series, Seo workers how to respond? The following for my new site for the actual operation, give us some views:

New site SEO:

1, the domain name choice: to choose a good domain name is the basis of good SEO website. If you registered the domain name itself is included in the industry or industry Keywords Keywords, then the effect can improve the website on search engine position. In addition, all types of domain names in .gov.cn / edu.cn / .org domain names most likely of these three categories were included; Do not use this year. Cn domain name, because the current algorithm Baidu, the site for the CN domain names in particular, the strict scrutiny .

2, the new site must be complete, such as the end of the building site and later confirmed to Baidu TITLE submit income.

3, the beginning of the new site to ensure that the content of more than 80% of the original, the so-called original, and is close to original, that is, we often say that the pseudo-original. In general, it is by modifying the title of the article and the former 1-200 words.

4, the structure of the site needs a clear and rational. Will enable visitors and search engine spiders have a smooth reading all the pages of your site.

5, as much as possible to make high-quality external connections, such as peer-Link site, the site of early peer-If you can not find the Link Station, you can publish articles to the peer station, and then published in the article itself with a Connect with the Web site.

6, not the best site to place ads Ali mother. Ali, the mother is in mid-August Alibaba C2C ads to launch a trading platform, which was seen as Baidu Baidu Union's biggest competitor ads. And Alibaba also has been recognized domestic Baidu, one of the strongest competitors (hence the announced launch of Baidu C2C shopping site Taobao suppressed). Alibaba's Web site is also repeated by reducing the weight of Baidu. Ali's mother after the release of Ali, her mother hung a large number of websites advertising code of Baidu recorded a sharp decline, and even the phenomenon of zero.

7, to monitor the user's behavior: for example, the source of the user, the user's visit, as well as the content of what the most popular theme. And for these acts of the site and update the necessary adjustments.

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