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Site planning: the nine thinking ideas to help you plan the ability to elevate

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On the policy has been concerned about the network planning, and we say a few words today on the site plan, the nine thinking concept:

One, intuitive reaction

I will not explain the concept of intuition, and intuition and insight is different from intuition is the perception of things for some time, thinking and experience, the formation of a forward-looking premonition; insight is a moment of inspiration for the long-term information on the release of the collision.

Second, empathy France

From the perspective of others to consider the same problem may be the result. If I were you, I what would they think ... ...

3, reverse thinking method

Ordinary people used to follow the state of affairs to think positive side problems, planners will have to be good at discovering problems from the negative things, finding solutions to the root of the problem.

4, brainstorming

Suppose you have a seventh sense, this sense of the source of the seventh as the boundless universe, we can imagine all kinds of information points, knowledge points, as the stars in the Milky Way galaxy in order to light the speed of movement, or even high-speed collision, such as atoms, molecules , electronics, particle movement ... ...

5, combined Information Law

Classification of the various combinations of information to find similarities, and then analyzed.

6, unconscious thought France

The deep subconscious of human consciousness, from a psychological perspective, is a human right hazy state of the unknown is a human mental and psychological survival of the world and the unknown world of the fuzzy feeling to think about to enter the subconscious state, it must first be physically and mentally calm , and then closing meditation.

7, observation

Observation, must be beyond the ordinary routine of the observation point of view and ideas, ways.

8, consulted France

Observable things, you can ask to learn more about.

9, ahead of imagination France

Science fiction movies, novels, horror films and so on are all ahead of schedule ahead of the scope of imagination, or the future, or to people's psychology, or in the past, or something changes in nervous imagination.

Thinking of ideas for more than nine sites can help you to plan to build on the road!

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