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The future of GoLive and DreamWeaver road

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XUE Xin Note: The Old Zhao said it was a conceptual thing, I said point of fact, things. In theory, using both Dreamweaver or Golive in the application level, not much influence on me. But it is clear that I can not imagine running Adobe CS2 suite of collaboration will be how massive, I even feel a volcanic eruption, or approximately equal to the atomic bombings. With Zhao said that in his machine, 1G of memory to run a single GoliveCS2 very difficult, if it is the whole package? Can you imagine a do? Crash, certain death of the crash.

And everyone else, I personally considered the old Dreamweaver users, from 2.0 to start using, and the year before I quit that, quit the web design industry, full shift teaching. In the actual teaching process, are increasingly found in Dreamweaver is easier in the design level, has nothing to teach, and later developed into Dreamweaver when you talk more to talking about color matching, and Layout. Therefore, Zhao said, would be completely turned Dreamweaver database development, this I have experience, I think what he said might be justified.

I told the students often mentioned, Dreamweaver, like a teenage girl, and some weird little temper guri. For starters, sometimes inexplicable able to fulfill the task, inexplicable error. But as long as you Mozhun her temper, it is very easy to use the. Say these words because I have seen too many beginners are too depressed DW practice. Although the DW in many ways, not mature enough, but as a skilled, I still like this tool, in particular, the interface kind of "vast" feeling.

Recently, I have completed the Photoshop CS2 and Flash8 related books CD-ROM writing and recording, but also produced a small amount of Illustrator teaching, I think I can only accompany them here, because these software on my machine running on a separate is already overloaded, and the next version of the doomed and I missed the.

Finally, congratulations to Old Zhao's Golive video teaching release, although the few people to see. But for me and a recognized Adobe Old Zhao like child care, in this transformation is still full of excitement and passion. From: XUE Xin. COM

The future of GoLive and DreamWeaver road

Author: Zhao Peng

The Chinese version of the Adobe release GoLiveCS2, after a lot of people I've previously expressed, Adobe will support the production of GoLive pages are not justifiable. Believe that DreamWeaver has such a widespread user base, how will be ignored by Adobe? Well, today I would like to analyze some of the reasons I think. Let us put aside our prejudice, mutual exchanges and common progress.

First, look at the past years, Adobe's move, first released with the Flash-phase protest LiveMotion, and then in version 2.0, when they suddenly announced the suspension of the project. This can be understood as the introduction of market expectations after the poor catch up with flash hopeless.

This is quite normal, after all SWF's core technology in the hands of MacroMedia. I think, Adobe is at that time decided to buy rival MacroMedia, and subsequently launched several years of financially prepared. Then suspended LiveMotion plan, since it has no need to continue to invest for this project. Of the original class development team into AfterEffects project, in fact the core of development of member LiveMotion originally came from the project.

Adobe is a software giant, so while walking slowly, but must go through before each step foresight. If the Adobe intends to support DreamWeaver, GoLive would surely be in the same periods were stopped. Results GoLive is not only not been suspended, but after the increase in the development efforts, and joined the right DreamWeaver-compatible interface, the interface changes to make in my initial use GoLive7.0 (ie CS) when the exceedingly wonder.

That GoLive why it has not been stopped? I think there are a few reasons:

The first version of GoLive is already high, reaching 6.0 (CS2 equal to 8.0), a software version of such a high when the kernel have been very mature. Just like Photoshop when their characterization of the kernel in 4.0, followed by each new version, it is merely an issue in the peripheral operation. GoLive is true, its core in the 3.0 times (that is, when Adobe acquired) has been perfect, it is impossible at the time of the mac platform in a monopoly position.

To abandon an already mature software is unwise. This is the first also.

The second reason is the decisive factor, for this reason Adobe decided to support GoLive and not DreamWeaver, which is the issue of Creative Suite package.

Adobe in recent years has shifted the development of concepts, that is no longer confined to a single valued function of the software, but rather to create a more integrated use of software, a new concept. Is to high-quality products Photoshop, Illustrator, as leader, will be applied to other areas of the original software (such as the layout of the PageMaker) were carried out with a combination of functions.

This concept from a very far-sighted business strategy point of view, through an integrated suite of methods can be applied to various fields, even those who are not in a dominant position in the field.

This concept is not new, Microsoft released the Office suite, Word document editing software such as a comprehensive release of the final defeat of the original in a text editor, calendar management, and Lotus absolute advantage.

Suite success is due to the favor of users of packages, each software package has a very good between the succession, such as Word documents can easily be made into frontpage web pages, or made into PowerPoint slides.

Suite of software to operate the similarity also makes the user eliminating the duplication of learning time, the invisible is to increase between the efficiency of the work. Perhaps this is for skilled operators insignificant, but for newcomers is undoubtedly convenient.

And, we must understand that the novice is always much more than the veteran. Although Adobe already has many of the older users, but it is also more aware of the huge market, novice, veteran Moreover, the design could also become a publishing novice.

This is why I wrote the "master of the Road" series of tutorials aimed at novice reason.

Distributions appears to be simple, but in reality very complex. Because the software, when fragmented, as long as do their jobs well enough. And if, as part of the package, it must have good compatibility and sharing of sex. In fact, Photoshop and Illustrator at a very early start time of Peter

This is compatible with experiment.

I think that is reflected in three levels of compatibility

The lowest level is the file format is compatible, that is, a software can open another software to save documents, and converted to their own format. The document must grasp the scale of an editorial nature, or likely to cause conflicts between the software functionality. Imagine if Photoshop can be the perfect vector to operate like, you can fully edit the ai format, then there is not going to go with Illustrator? It is for this reason, so the file can not be completely compatible with respect is always in place.

Followed by the clipboard-compatible, that is to run multiple software at the same time, shared clipboard. The most notable example is the complex path of drawing in Illustrator, and then imported into Photoshop in the clipboard.

Such a way compatible with the technical level would be extremely difficult because we need to convert different types of software in a completely different approach, is thus very limited, in fact a lot of software compatibility between the clipboard, only the equivalent of replacing the software in the first Export and import in the second software, these two steps.

Is compatible with the most advanced is the process compatible, may also be known as the collaborative compatible, that is to run multiple software simultaneously or successively to complete the process required to create or update the document. This is mainly reflected in the different areas of compatibility between software, such as publishing software and image processing software between classes. Such a compatible manner, it is advocated by Adobe Creative Suite package approach.

Then we look at what is process-compatible, give a simple example, we use Photoshop and to make general-purpose images such as GIF or JPG format, the output of a button image, through DreamWeaver placed web pages. If you later need to modify, even the smallest changes have to be re-open Photoshop, then re-export GIF or JPG image, while in DreamWeaver also may need to re-set the image parameters.

If we use GoLive to place the button image, you can no longer common such as GIF or JPG image format, but rather directly to Photoshop's PSD format into the proprietary website, GoLive will save it as a JPG or GIF. If you modify the Photoshop later this PSD file, GoLive will be to detect changes and automatically update the corresponding JPG or GIF.

GoLive can be turned off in case of modify the PSD file in Photoshop and save. Re-open the GoLive and open the corresponding site or web page when the image will be automatically updated. Photoshop update does not need to run simultaneously. In addition, GoLive can even change the PSD file directly in the text without the need for adoption of Photoshop. Such methods can also be used with InDesign and Acrobat with the preparation.

As can be seen that this process is compatible with either for individual or team, are very efficient. This is a few years Adobe has been working for. Have been accounted for supremacy of the PageMaker desktop publishing software, has been stopped (not yet off the assembly line), replaced by a new InDesign instead, it is because the procedure PageMaker old single function, unable to meet the needs of process-compatible.

Therefore, the main reason for Adobe to support GoLive on the Creative Suite which is an integral part of package, without it, Creative Suite publishing on the web page is blank. And this gap will undoubtedly turn to their own to create a future competitor. Adobe also began to try to make at a very early into the process is compatible with GoLive and in the success of the newly acquired from the DreamWeaver obviously do not have the ability to integrate into the process. GoLive since the origin and habits have become more Adobe, Adobe destined to be pushed to the forefront.

So in the future, DreamWeaver Is it possible to replace GoLive? It?

Generally speaking, Creative Suite package since the release, and so far has been released to the version 2, then change one of the members of a very small likelihood is very small because the changes to members of the software will trigger a series of troubles, including product support, software, teaching, as well as the new and old file versions.

In particular, the file is compatible with both old and new, is very difficult, because a software to save the file format, usually with the kernel processes are closely related, but if you want to make DreamWeaver compatible with GoLive's site management model is almost equivalent to rewrite the kernel code . If DreamWeaver as a new member can not completely take over the previous GoLive site created, Adobe may face the risk of prosecution. The reason is simple: to upgrade the product so that the user lost data.

DreamWeaver The most likely destination is a shift to professional programming and database development. And may in GoLive plug-in the form of release. Here again to tell you a history of: GoLive, when the release version 6.0 is of a database programming modules, support asp, php, jsp and other languages. At that time the purchase of a third-party code to plug-in form to join. However, the release of CS (ie 7.0) version of the time (that is, when LiveMotion offline) suddenly canceled the database programming module. Now think about it, originally wanted to use DreamWeaver mature technology in the future. In this case, there is no need to continue to pay to a third party has.

Therefore, we do not sound like Creative Suite package, do not think it is simply the name of the change. Before it, Adobe software, like all the trees separated each other, but now these trees will no longer pay attention to height, to pay attention to the mutual cross-linked branches, must be crowded in upon each future, this joint is super strong peace imagine. However, if you have not been involved in many areas may experience less than nothing. It can be said, unless Adobe financial collapse or re-emergence of a black horse plus the software industry, the role of genius, or Adobe's dominant position could hardly be shaken.

Because it involves the publishing industry, Creative Suite package is a very strict definition of collaboration, any color differences are not allowed to exist. This collaboration is not a MacroMedia between a simple Web page Musketeers can update on a par.

To achieve this seemingly simple, but in reality very complicated, especially in the use of software Patterns between different colors to perfect it almost impossible to achieve this collaboration. Because the software color algorithms are more than a few differences exist, such differences in the experience-based color mode switching (such as RGB> CMYK), when it becomes obvious.

Especially the concept of Creative Suite, the data are likely to experience a number of conversions (such as Photoshop and InDesign repeat modify the document), even Adob

e, can not enable the various software algorithm is exactly the same color. Skilled users are aware, Illustrator color accuracy in recruiting is much higher than Photoshop. This theory, Photoshop can not be inherited Illustraotr the color information.

To solve this problem, Creative Suite software for each member of the embedded color management to achieve the color information of the non-destructive succession. Solve the publishing industry has always been troubled by the problem of color uniformity. Another Version Cue software module for each file format provides a fast-track sharing.

So now we must start thinking of a single software function extricate the future we face is no longer a single knight can be unmatched with the world of the times.

For the individual, perhaps of little importance, but the corporate customers choose Creative Suite reason for this is that it can bring increased efficiency, shorter cycle of publishing the school row. The resulting decline in business operating costs and increase competition in the publishing industry and a series of ripple effect, but also to the individual user can not really understand. In the past, in order to engage in various parts of publishing, there must be professionals, but now with Creative Suite packages, and even individuals can complete from design to the previous draft version of printing all the work, and a lower threshold so that the process is no longer complex, operations are no longer blunt.

The only area in the printing and Adobe rivalry, that is, Corel Draw, and Corel Draw has been able to seize the market is in its draft integrated from design to printing of each module, so although it is less than the vector on the Illustrator, incumbent map less than Photoshop, at the layout on less than InDesign (or even not as good as PageMaker), but was chosen by many business users, it lies in its integration, enterprises and departments can all use Corel Draw to achieve a good convergence of the various links.

Should ascertain that the country out of the majority of software users most interested in, or love, while most domestic enterprises have not formed an effective workflow mechanism, has not yet come into contact with such a process management concepts.

Perhaps you think I want to stress the choice of Enterprise customers for our little effect on individuals, in fact not the case, one to a person's work is ultimately subject to an enterprise system. Secondly, the choice of corporate users will be gradually formed the main trend, which led to educational institutions and third-party developers to follow-up, all kinds of teaching and training will start, all kinds of functions will gradually increase many plug-ins. Are here to tell you that, as a follow-up the acquisition, Adobe has taken over the domestic and worldwide MacroMedia comprehensive software training. The focus of domestic tutorial will software functions from a single shift teaching the integrated use of the software, which is what I thought the thrust of written tutorials. In a teaching context, DreamWeaver are weak and unlikely to be included in the systematic teaching plans.

In addition, the traditional DreamWeaver users of GoLive's interface to, Adobe could be taken through the plug-in conversion software to complete the conversion of traditional DreamWeaver site, and stop DreamWeaver version of the development in order to avoid lawsuits. Kernel development using DreamWeaver outstanding new products. Hence there is no need to convince the user's question, the user can choose to upgrade to GoLive, or continue to stay in the old version of DreamWeaver management of existing sites.

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