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Today, a brief account of five popular methods of website promotion

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website Promotion There are many ways, this article simply click Shaozeng premium website to promote this popular method.

Method One: Search Engine

Web site search engine can not be denied the importance of the promotion is still the first, the new website free of charge by logging directory, search engines, Web site points to allow more people to know that your station, for example, baidu, google, hao123, Siama Morrison classification. Included is the most basic premise, and then through the Seo optimization is to increase the PR is worth more traffic. Station or business e-commerce site can be an appropriate place to do some bidding, can be suppressed effectively. Disadvantages: relatively passive, if it is K, then ... ...

Method Two: Exchange of links

Link exchange we all know, traditional methods and are looking for a number of points relevant to the content of their web site, contact the other station to apply for link exchange logo, but a lot of the old stationearly and you do not want to exchange ... ... a matter of fact There is also a method called "self-service chain", that is, through a third party platform between multiple sites or shell window by clicking on the exchange of visits. You have a website to other members after the click or pop-up, your site will receive visits of equal value. Self-service chain to join the flow of not only lead to lasting, but also in the early, you can search you have been included to enhance the strength, because the self-help pr chain itself is generally very high, after you join you can also enhance the value of a pr of Sort your search results will be very important. Forum home station (HB00.CN) more mature and more professional that you can find out.

Method three: post promotion

If you are not afraid of hard work, this method can be used. Prepare a paragraph on the Web site to add your web site and logo, to sohu, sina, Baidu Post Bar, etc.it! What? Also in 2008 that soil publicity! ? Ah, if you level high enough text, it can be to an outsider's perspective to write an article on your site soft text (AD) issued to the relevant forum or paste it, it will be removed much smaller chance, and good writing have the opportunity to reprint by other websites, (not write if I can find, ha ha * _ *) In addition, as sohu, sina, QQ, 163 comments in the press can also be made, the benefits are not a registered ID can be made anonymous. If the risk of trouble if Baidu Knows, yahoo knowledge together, sina Ai asked not to pull down. Disadvantages: To register more than id, run the risk of being blocked ... ...

Method four: Signed publicity

Signature is a recently emerging Internet virtual goods. Web site home page text advertising the price of a thousand a month at every turn to be prohibitive, but a post on the million members of the signature only 30 yuan, you can make your ad text and links all over almost every post. IDC is a lot of signatures in backward through the mixing of the well-known, the same token if you have an Taobao bbs can also buy a few of the signature, if you are a Web Design Studio, allowing IT friend to help you hang on to his QQ, MSN signature, the customer may have not been invited ... ...

Method five: watermark ads

Look at the mop, the banner, Tencent picture on the news site which does not have its own logo, whatever you want to have a cms the basic function to add watermark, if the article was equivalent to an indirecthelp you promote a website. You can also take the initiative to release a number of large-scale forum watermark images with your posts, in 2008 more love popular video Web site, or even add video watermark to publish to your youku, tudou ... ... not only do not think, as long as you there are bound to be hard on the harvest!

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