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Using the Internet to allow more people to join the promotion of original creative industries

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In home capital, is the National Cultural Center in Beijing, the design forces focused on the country's most outstanding talent. Compared with other cities, Beijing has more original force, but also, whether it is original work, or the original promotional way, or have already made known original brands and are operating quite a stir. The 798 well-known creative communities, creative people will be gathered together, their every move national attention. The end of last year, Beijing has also set up to promote association of original design. One can imagine the original strength.

Beijing's original forces suffered a high degree of attention, in the commercial operation is also more mature. Platform toys have appeared in "Mars uncle," the brand has developed into a creative-type services company. Has been known for creative doll "Chen Happiness" brand, now has become a toy company, its creators have also completed the line from the designers onto the merchants. Today we would like to introduce two new forces --- Jingzhe and crazy fruit boxes, they have succeeded in using the Internet to build their own brand.

The design and the human spirit to resonate

Original power


Awakening of Insects is a young brand, and its creative staff of the same young. In 2008, four young people in Beijing to launch its own design work, so, "Awakening of Insects", just as fired up like spring thunder. Although still the Shop as a sales channel, but has been extended to across the country, as in March of that solar terms, this fresh, pleasant atmosphere.

Location: Middle class creative product positioning

Jingzhe is currently located at the middle grades, a small purse takes about a few dozen yuan. However, the product materials are environmentally friendly, healthy materials, so one of the LU Qi original a little frustrated, said that now need to take up a lot of time to find the right under the home, to discuss a number of co-operation.

Commodity structure: T Xu wallets

Designer's idea is to make the brand with Chinese flavor, can resonate with the spirit of the people, for example, Jingzhe small purse with the word "Cidewuyin" signs, so that those who are familiar with Chinese culture smiled; T-shirt with " Out of memory "message, the performance of the computer age concerns. At present, Jingzhe a small purse, backpack, pillow, clothing and other series, in the future will be designed to household items.

Survival mode: Network Sales

Although the introduction of time is not long, but there are more than a dozen online retailers in selling its products, its own e-shop also reached three crown, a drill. Interestingly, the Internet has also emerged Jingzhe even the pirated products! It is, at present, the higher cost of the product design cost not included into the law. Qi Lu believes that if commodities can embody is 5% to 10% of design cost would be more appropriate.

Allow more people to join the creative industries

Original power

Crazy Fruit Box

If we say that the brand is to design more innovative products, product launches way to survive, then the fruit of creative madness, it is to help these original brands. Crazy fruit to products sold on consignment designer fashion business.

Location: No sales of commodities

The originators of the mad king fruit with special emphasis on the three stones is that the products sold are original and non-production goods. So, crazy fruit means "crazy ideas, and indeed different."

Survival mode: from the network into physical

Crazy by crazy fruit fruit box network development together, in May 2006, crazy fruit network is established, the designer's creative products hanging in the online sales, in just one year, thousands of people pooling resources to domestic designers. In January 2007 held the first "crazy fruit creative market," the same year in September, the first store opened in Zhongguancun physical store. So far Beijing has seven physical stores. Each store is a small box in the form, namely, the division can cheap rented a small grid, sell their work. This creativity, achievement of many "lattice shop."

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