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VI design standards for color and design of auxiliary elements

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◆ Standard Color Design

The standard package is a symbol of a company or product characteristics for the designated color, is a symbol, standard fonts and propaganda media-specific color. Messaging in the enterprise's overall color scheme, with a clear visual recognition effect, and thus have the feelings of market competition, winning charm.

Enterprise standard colors with a scientific, differentiation and systematic characteristics. Therefore, any design activities and development operations, must be based on various features of the play to convey color features. One of the most important thing is to formulate a set of development of operations procedures for the planning activities carried out smoothly.

Enterprise standard color determination is based on business concept, organizational structure, business strategies based on the general factors. The relevant standard color development process can be divided into the following four stages:

1. Corporate colors of the investigation phase

Focus of the investigation is to analyze the enterprise itself with the differences between competing businesses, particularly in the use of color differences, color philosophy and business relationship between the color characteristics of corporate goods and consumer evaluation of business environment and corporate promotional color , so as to facilitate future operations as a whole.

2. The performance of concept stage

3. Color image of the stage

4. Effects of the testing phase

Standard color design as simple, clean, with minimal performance up to the meaning of color, to accurately and quickly convey the purpose of corporate information. The design concept should show the following characteristics:

1. Standard color design should reflect the corporate philosophy and product features, select the appropriate color to the corporate image, showing the production of technical and product substance.

2. Highlight the differences between competing companies.

3. Standard color design should be suitable for consumer psychology.

Set the enterprise standard colors, in addition to the commencement of the implementation of a comprehensive and strengthen the use of in order to obtain the visual effect of integration, is also a need for strict management approach to manage.

◆ Special-shaped pattern design

Special-shaped pattern is a symbol of business philosophy, product quality and service culture has a rich local characteristics, or commemorative design of the concrete. This pattern can be patterned figures, animals or plants, choose a meaningful image of the objects, by design, giving a complex personality, as the spirit in order to strengthen corporate personality, aspirations product quality.

Special-shaped pattern known as "enterprise modeling." It is through the approachable, friendly and kind lovely shape, giving manufacturers a strong impression on the memory has become the focus of vision, to shape the symbolic shape corporate identity, direct show business management philosophy and service attributes. For example, McDonald's store in front of the "Ronald McDonald", Kentucky Fried Chicken store in front of grandfather.

Enterprise modeling capabilities that through the concrete-based modeling to understand the characteristics of products and corporate philosophy, therefore, should be cautious in the selection on. Style setting, the need to consider religious belief, taboos, customs, likes and dislikes and so on.

Enterprise modeling designs should have the following requirements:

1. Personalized clear: design should be full of local flavor or with commemorative significance. Select Pattern and the inevitable link between the underlying spirit of enterprise, such as: Japan's Kirin Brewery, the U.S. McDonald's.

2. Logo image should be intimacy, people love to meet the transmission of information, enhance memory purposes.

Haier's two French children in the design of the mascot, that has a lively, friendly, lovely image, the image of Haier products promotion, played a significant role.

◆ symbol of Graphic Design

In recognition system, in addition to corporate logos, the standard characters, enterprise modeling, the symbol of adaptive patterns, are often used.

Also known as a symbol of decorative lace pattern is an extension of elements of visual identity design and development, and logo, standard fonts, standard colors to keep two sides complement each other, set off the relationship between the design elements of the auxiliary symbols, mainly used for various publicity media to adapt to decorative screen, strengthening the corporate image of the demands of power, the significance of visual identity design richer, more integrity and identifiable.

In general, the symbolic pattern has the following features:

1. Can express the aspirations of the image of power, so that signs, the significance of the standard fonts and more integrity, easy to identify.

2. Can increase the adaptability of design elements so that all the design elements with the design is more expressive.

3. Help to strengthen the visual impact, so rich in the picture effect appealing as possible to create visually-induced effects.

However, not all of the corporate image recognition system can develop the ideal symbolic patterns. Some signs, standard font itself with a picture of the effect, the symbolic pattern loses its positive sense, such a situation, using a standard color-rich visual images better.

Generally speaking, the logo, standard fonts in the application of the design elements of performance, are based on a complete form, this allows their Patterns overlap, to ensure their clarity, application of the symbolic effect of the pattern then it should be clear, rather than the All images have emerged a symbol pattern.

A symbol of Japan's Mitsui Bank was very successful designs, the entire pictorial symbol graphics by changing the extension from their peers, and application of results with the corresponding provisions of a large area of the screen, use the entire pictorial, the small area of the screen, use a unit pattern. Planning like this is very easy to expand the use of symbolic patterns are conducive to strengthen the visual image of the recognition effect.

Symbol pattern is designed to meet the needs of various publicity media designed, but the application of a wide range of design projects, forms vary, the screen size of the volatility, which requires symbolic shape pattern design is a flexible symbol, can cope with the with the different vectors, or an area the size of the changes in layout to make appropriate adjustments and changes, rather than immutable pattern of stereotypes.

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