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Visual Identity Design VI Design

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Section from the Enterprise concept of behavior recognition to the visual recognition

VI strategy is a dynamic process, as the business growth, development, VI strategy must constantly adjust, improve and mature, so regulation

CI planning and implementation of corporate strategy is the dissemination of information system engineering. Corporate visual identity system is to the corporate vision, corporate values,

Through the static, concrete, and visual communication systems, organized, planned, and correctly, accurately and quickly convey it out, and consistent

Wear behavior of the enterprise into the business, that is, the spirit of the enterprise, ideas, business policy, business strategies of the main content by visual

Explicit expression of manner. To enable the public to grasp at a glance information on companies, resulting in identity, and thus achieve the corporate identity


Corporate identity system should be to establish a business based on the concept of identification, that is, visual recognition of the content must reflect the business thinking

Would like to, operating principles, values and cultural identity. And widely used in business activities and social activities, unified communication, and the behavior of enterprises complement each other.

Therefore, the corporate identity of the primary problem is that companies must identify and development perspective, and competition from a social point of view of their positioning and use it as the basis of careful collation, analysis, review and confirm their own business philosophy, business policy, corporate mission, corporate

Philosophy, corporate culture, operational mechanism, industry characteristics and the future direction of development so that the visual interpretation of the codes or symbols the system. Its

Second is to have the characteristics of abstract visual symbols or symbol systems, designed to be the basic elements of visual communication, uniform and controlled application of all aspects of enterprise behavior so that in the context of the specific conditions and be strengthened so that the limited content of generate an infinite extension, in the audience

Mind and truly become the same business objects, not decorations.

From the enterprise idea, behavior recognition to the visual recognition process - and analyzed, positioning, image concept, design concepts, visual symbol

Number, convey the system to convey the above stages, from concept to design concept of the image is a key stage, from design concept to the visual

Symbol is also a crucial stage, a good grasp of these two phases, and the foundation of visual communication companies possess. Grasp well, either

The spread of false information is invalid or the spread of the businesses would cause a huge waste for society is cultural pollution.

1. From concept to design concept of the image

The concept of corporate identity comes from their own position. From the major aspects are related to the company's future role in society and status

In the industry rankings and seating, in the consumer's image and position in market competition, the status and goals, which are businesses

Macro-location. To grasp a big position, is inseparable from each small part of the positioning of the enterprise involved in every act.

The concept of corporate image typically include two levels, the basic image of the concept of enterprise, and second, the image of the concept of auxiliary enterprises. If the language to express the brief, the basic image of the concepts such as: first-class enterprise, advanced enterprise, large enterprises and reliable business, have a future

Businesses, there are practical business, growing business, reliable business and so on. The so-called secondary image of the concept is to support basic image of the estimates

Read the specific content of the design concept is a visual image that can be transformed into words. From the corporate image to reach the concept of visual symbols must pass through the bridge

Beam. There is no clear design concept, there is no basis and foundation for visual communication, there is no standard measure of the design advantages and disadvantages. Many enterprises in the

Import CI, they often occur corporate opinions and views of designers at odds situation, was divided, no one who is Shuifubule, the most

Eventually lead to unprincipled compromise or reconciliation, which deviate from the basic direction of CI.

We need to find a key that corresponds to the concept of corporate image design concepts into companies and designers to abide by laws.

In fact, the design concept is a combination of an organic body, also by a variety of elements with common characteristics, but the result of the organization with the typical personality characteristics. Of course, to make visual elements to meet the business's personality but also to select the appropriate elements of the design themes and style.

. From design concept to visual symbols

The so-called visual symbols are those with different communication capabilities, both have the uniform division of the general term for the graphics and color. How Enterprise

The information industry, general, extraction, abstraction, a smooth transition into the corporate visual symbols, it becomes the key to the dissemination of the project.

Visual symbols in general can be divided into basic elements, relationship elements and practical elements.

I mainly include the basic elements of design, color and so on.

Logo - mainly figurative and abstract categories. Realistic, general, exaggerated as the class is a pattern; pure geometric form,

Such as point, line, surface, body, organic, inorganic, and accidental variants is an abstract class pattern.

Color - not only the various Levels chromatography, but also including the neutral color (no color), as well as changes in color brightness and purity.

Ii-related elements include orientation, location, space, center of gravity and so on.

Direction - the direction from the viewer, form a framework or with other image of the relationship between the decision.

Location - by the same image with a framework for the relationship between the image and the image is determined.

Space - the framework that holds the image of the space, the image before and after the advance and retreat, size, perspective, etc., causing the illusion of depth and three-dimensional


Center of gravity - is a density, black and white component arising from the relationship between gravity and gravity.

Iii practical elements include materials, structure, and crafts.

Materials - can be used to make in-kind paper, stone, wood, metal and wire, blocks, plates and so on.

Structure - refers to the materials, organization methods, such as arrangement, assembly, base product, d together, bonding, folding and so on.

Process - mainly refers to forms of technology, such as the printing process, coating process, the installation process, processing technology and so on.

In order to make a symbol or symbols specific to the system had become a symbol of business, or specific to some of the specific content of corporate symbol, we must grasp the significance of visual symbols and designs to convey the rules and methods of

, Choose a reasonable form of artistic expression. Morphological features such as the lines: a straight line

Simple and upright, gentle curve of smooth, clear and decisive broken line, thick lines vigorous strong, thin delicate delicate, geometric line of standard and rational, free-hand drawing the line natural and emotional. Line's performance so rich in symbolism, color symbolism richer. Structure and process factors

Also not be discounted, such as a strong, people trust business, if the print process quality rough bear, of course, will make people feel incompatible with their status.

Section II basic elements of design

1. Characteristics of the corporate logo

Corporate logos and other signs and symbols, like its common side, but as a corporate identity system, the basic visual elements have their self -

Body characteristics, mainly in the following areas:

I identifiability

Identification of the basic functions of a corporate logo. With unique personalized signs, to distinguish the business and its products, discriminating, is a modern

Competition in the enterprise market, "weapon." Therefore, the overall planning and design through visual symbols, must have a unique personality and a strong visual

Impact, in the CI design, corporate logo is the most visual awareness, identification and information communication function of design elements.

Ii leading

Corporate logo is the core element of enterprise visual communication, but also enterprises to develop leading force in the information conveyed. Mark's leadership position is standing

Industry, business philosophy and business activities focused on performance, through, and applied to all enterprise-related activities, not only authoritative, but also

Is also reflected in the visual elements of integration and diversity, the other visual elements are to mark the composition as a whole for the center started.

Iii identity

Symbol represents the corporate philosophy, corporate culture and characteristics, size of the business, business contents and characteristics, so it is fine companies

A concrete symbol of God. Therefore, we can say the public about the corporate logo recognition is equal to the corporate identity. Corporate logo is much more than

Companies face, let alone as a surface decoration to satisfy the public. Once the consumers of the logo and corporate identity can not be real

Inter-linked conditions, not only the corporate logo lost its original meaning, and even harm the fundamental interests of the concept of enterprise. Therefore, only companies

The content or business operations with an external symbol of the real state - consistent with the corporate logo will it be possible to obtain community consensus.

Iv modeling of

Corporate logo design the subject matter and in various forms such as the foreign language fonts, the concrete patterns, abstract symbols, geometric-shaped

And so on, so it is particularly marked changes in shape and vitality. Logo graphics pros and cons, not only determines the sign of the efficacy of corporate communication

Force, but will affect consumer confidence in product quality and corporate image recognition.

V Scalability

Corporate logo is the most widely used, the highest frequency of visual communication elements must be in a variety of communication media widely used. S

Chi graphics should be against the printing, production technology, materials of different texture and application projects, using a variety of correspondence and ductility of the change

Body design to generate relevant, appropriate results and performance.

Vi systemic

Once the corporate logo, with the attendant signs should be refined started operations, including the signs and other basic design elements of the combination of

Requirements. The purpose is to mark the application of future planning, to achieve a systematic, standardized, standardized and scientific management, thereby enhancing the design

Operating efficiency, maintain a certain design level. In addition, when companies diversify into the visual structure of the time, you can use a powerful symbol of

To unify the various affiliates, a unified symbol of different colors, the same shape in different Patterns or different structure of the symbol the same way, to strong

Systematic relationship between the spirit of enterprise.

Vii times

Because the logo is the core of corporate identity system is also a symbol of corporate homogenization. The face of the rapid development of modern business society, New

Different months of life and ideology, the ever-changing market competition situation, marked by distinctive morphological characteristics of the times must have. In particular, Xu

Multi-old enterprise, it is necessary to conduct a review of existing signs and improvement of the image, while retaining the old image of the basis, to take a fresh simplicity, clarity

The design of the form of easy to remember, so that not only makes business logo, with distinctive characteristics of the times. Typically, the flag is about to update the image of a 10-year

1. It represents the business and innovative ideas, bold creation, the spirit of the pursuit of excellence, to avoid the increasingly rigid corporate, outworn outdated image. Section logo design

1, logo design and commercial art

In the CI visual recognition system, the logo design is not just a graphic design, but rather to create a commercial value of the symbol,

And both the value of art appreciation. Square inch of the land management patterns, for designers and have a superb design skills, but also with multi-disciplinary

Knowledge, such as semiotics, aesthetics, literature, sales psychology, marketing and so on.

Logo is a visual image of the core, which constitutes the basic characteristics of corporate image, reflecting the inherent qualities enterprises, while widespread, v.

Seeking a unified public identity symbols, visual image recognition system are thus multiplied for us. Thus, first, business logo design art art for goods and services, and it belongs to the artistic commodity.

Logo design concept is different from the general artistic creation, it is directly linked with enterprises and commodities, with a clear commercial purposes. The intention of those who commissioned them, requirements, there is a product sold psychological factors, there is public sentiment at home and abroad and regional customs, as well as distinct from the same provider

Products and their competitiveness, but also the newly developed products are original, and so, if it is established company or product may also be due to a long operating history, etc.

Factor constraints; therefore, logo design, there must be forward-thinking, and can withstand the test of time, or will soon be behind the times.

Tai-keung, Hong Kong's new design of the Bank of China logo logo design can be described as the history of success story. He coins as a graphic, using simple graphic illustrates the long history of China's monetary sources, and the rough lines concise expression of today's Bank of China, strong economic strength; patterns are based on the history of ancient coins, but also has a strong modern, This design works of art with a long-term

Vitality, it reflects the author's profound artistic accomplishment and the superb presentation skills, this is the so-called flat in see the surprise.

From an artistic language analysis, Guangzhou, China Hotel, a symbol, just as a philosopher conversation, language, vivid and rich in connotation, both say

Understand the problem, but also makes one to understand. It is precisely because the art of sign is figurative language, which makes the logo image is more than other art forms set

, The more intense, more representative.

Of the symbol is a figurative art summary of designers in their own aesthetic way, with the vivid image of a specific sensibility to describe it, and promote

To deepen the theme of the logo, so as to achieve an accurate flow of corporate information purposes.

Logo design difficulty is how to accurately put the meaning into a visual image, rather than simply as what or said what, that is, there

Creativity, but also with the figurative expression of art out of voice. On any subject design, the idea of method correctness is essential, the United States of

Pattern a lot, but good ideas from the theme itself, dig, duplication is taboo logo design, logo design innovation is the success of the former

Mention finding the best way of expression in order to create a distinctive, to avoid ambiguity, in line with the theme logo.

2, logo design variants

Pattern in a wide range of applications are in need of production and a variant designed to enrich image to fit the design of print media, the performance results.

Without affecting the standard pattern image design concepts under the principle of scalability for the expanding pattern, logo design generally have the following variants are several variants of


IV Standard Font Design

1, the standard definition and meaning of the font

Standard fonts are all means by design company dedicated to the performance of the font name or brand. In recent years, foreign brand names in opening up the

The Chinese market, its brand will be translated into Chinese characters, and the unique personality of fonts designed to give Chinese consumers a unique form of visual recognition


With the commercial messages delivered with the increasingly frequent cultural exchanges, all behavior is highly, efficient communication, visual communication of text and trademark symbol

Same number, are the trend towards a common development, which called for simple, consensus, and at the same time pay attention to shape beautiful, generous, with personality.

Standard font design is the visual recognition system with the trade mark as the most widely used, passing the most important factor in business information, which clearly descriptive enterprise or brand can be communicated directly to consumers, and strengthen a unified corporate image demands of power.

The standard corporate image recognition system font is the basic element of the wide range of applications, often linked with the flag, with clear descriptive, business or brand can be directly communicated to the audience; and visual, auditory simultaneous transmission of information, strengthening the enterprise the demands of image and brand strength, its design and logo as important as the meaning.

Designed a standard font and font differences ordinary printing is:

Design fonts and computer typesetting is very different, in addition to the different appearance, but more important is the standard font design is based on enterprise or

Designed the brand's personality, the right stroke patterns, line thickness, the connections between the word and configuration, uniform shape and so made a meticulous

Rules, with common fonts through a higher more beautiful and more features.

In today's growing information transmission, information transmission is also raising the standard for enterprise messaging should be as far as possible a more streamlined and more directly as well, therefore, in the implementation of corporate image strategy, many companies tend to name and brand name identity, corporate name and logo fonts unified logo design logo design has become a new trend, corporate name and logo unity, although only a design element, but with

Was prepared by two kinds of functions, to achieve simultaneous transmission of information visual and auditory effect.

2, calligraphy and design of the standard fonts

Has 3000 years of Chinese history of the development. Chinese calligraphy is the main form of artistic expression, both have artistic relevance; in the human

They have already formed a fixed aesthetic in mind, loved by the people.

At present some of China's enterprises to adopt political dignitaries, celebrities as well as the calligrapher's inscription, which is the glory of enterprises, but also business culture

The fine tradition. Degree and impact of the name name to the enterprise can establish a reputation, but also to enterprises celebrity advertising effectiveness. Are also some enterprises to adopt

Figure auspicious name inscriptions, for example, some enterprises in Guangdong Lingnan school of painting like the masters Li Xiongcai for signs of the inscription, figure is his talents and Red Choi

Homophonic (local sound), business means very strong. Celebrity written by traders not only has a very strong business name to mean, and there is a long history of the people cluster

Loved by the masses, and some enterprises will be required by the designer fonts calligraphy fonts replaced by the idea of art one-sided.

However, calligraphy fonts to the vision system designed to bring certain difficulties. The first is the coordination with the trademark pattern matching problem, followed by the

Is whether to facilitate the rapid identification, if the design does not consider this factor does not, it may be hard to design a trademark can not mix

Poor coordination or recognition effect.

Some designers try to design calligraphy body as the brand name, has a specific visual effects, lively, innovative, rich picture changes.

Font design is relatively quasi-calligraphy fonts for the purposes of printing. Design features can be divided into two types:

One is the name of an inscription for the adjusted schedule, such as Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and Japan, sake and other crane standard fonts. Of

Celebrity famous inscription to adjust programming are the perfect reproduction of the creative process, we know that celebrity famous inscription please do not raise any demands, they can not be written in accordance with design requirements for non-ideal place to find him and can not rewrite the In this case, designers of the words

Body to modify or Fangxie is necessary, requiring designers to have a certain degree of self-cultivation in calligraphy and imitation skills, otherwise modified after the word

Will lose the original or go God.

The author in the design practice, involving up to the heads of state, down to the corporate general manager of calligraphic works, I also wrote the words for the enterprise,

Deeply in calligraphy re-designed and easy, and sometimes more difficult than the design of the word art.

Another is to design calligraphy body, or should we say decorative calligraphy body, that in order to highlight the visual personality, specifically depicting the font, the word

Calligraphy skills-based body is designed, ranging between calligraphy and painted, in a sense there are similarities between the book and the table.

3, decorative fonts design

Decorative fonts in the visual recognition system, have a nice, easy to read and identify the wide application and so on.

Decorative fonts design is based on the basic shape of the decoration, change, processed, it is characterized by a certain extent, put

Off the printing font glyphs, and stroke constraints, according to the nature of the brand or business design needs to achieve to enhance the spirit of the text rich in meaning and appeal purposes.

Decorative fonts expressed by the meaning of rich and varied, such as: thin composition of fonts easily reminiscent of perfumes, cosmetics and the like capacity

Goods, round thick smooth fonts commonly used in the performance of food, beverages, cleaning supplies, decorative font design is inseparable from the nature of product attributes and business, all the design tools have to be the core of the corporate image - logo services.

The most common printing standard fonts are: regular script, running script, official script, Arial, bold, etc., decorative font design is based on a variety of printing standard fonts based. The form of decorative fonts from the horizontal, vertical, such as lines, points and arc combination. The use of exaggeration, distortion, increase or decrease in stroke image, decoration and other methods, to a certain extent, out of shape and stroke constraints to enrich the imagination, to re-constitute the font, strengthening of the characteristics of the text, enriching the standard font connotation.

In the design of the standard font, does not require a single shape to make beautiful, but also the overall style of harmony and unity, so the design process, we should

Taking into account the following factors:

1, font changes be consistent, reflecting the overall aesthetics;

2, font changes to comply with the meaning of the text, deep excavation is the meaning of the text before the decorative design of problems;

3, should be able to present the business philosophy, so that the form and content of organic unity;

4, to consider the readability too much change in the loss of visual communication of information function.

4, English standards Font Design

Text due to the different development of national and regional history of the formation of separate writing systems. With the rapid development of China's foreign trade, many companies regard the corporate name and brand translated into English, there is attracted corporate logo design are all in alphabetical form, whether for a

Mouth merchandise trade needs, or for decoration picture, in effect the world's people to become more frequent today, there are beautifully designed in English fonts

Help beautify the goods, to achieve perfect effect of visual communication.

English alphabet design modeling rich, beautiful, varied, and so many designers in the design of signs are reluctant to adopt the idea of subject matter, its

Endless play of architecture to form a picture of the image depends entirely on how the designers artistic quality of high and low.

English letters written on the organizational structure, there are strict norms, its image can be roughly divided into rectangular, triangular and round three, the word

The interval between the mother and the arrangement is the font an important part of the design process, due to the physical structure of the letter carefully.

From a design point of view, English fonts based on their morphological features and design technique of expression can be divided into the following categories: First, and so on-line

Body, shaped by the characteristics of almost the same lines formed; second writing body shape is characterized by vigorous and free, compared with other fonts

Ratio, the more show the designer's style and personality; three decorative body is a decorative design of a variety of fonts is based on the meaning of words and business reasons

Concept as the guiding ideology, the use of force resemble the rich, from the perspective of the United States greater freedom to make changes and decorated processing, in order to achieve eye-catching and

Rich and influential artistic effect; four optical body, optical effects and the body is a photographic printing technology, principles of composition of reticulate, light effects of the phenomenon of

Of modern science and technology will enable people to make the association, which the font development is the crystallization of the development of modern science and technology.

English fonts (including pinyin) design, and design of Chinese characters, as also can be divided into two basic types of fonts, one is calligraphy

Body, a decorative body. Calligraphy body design, although the very personality, very beautiful, but the recognition is poor, not often used in standard fonts

See, common situation is for the names, trade names or very short. Decorative font design, a very wide range of applications. 19 World

Ji beginning of commercial promotion activities in Europe's booming right font design places great emphasis on visual propaganda, the initial installation has evolved from the Roman

Line of body decoration, decorative lines coarse, rough forceful, then they had no line of body decoration, concise and simple compared to identify strong, very contemporary, even today, the word is still widely used in decorating business. Section V auxiliary elements of the design

1. Symbol logo

Also known as a symbol of decorative lace pattern is an extension of elements of visual identity design and development, and logo, standard fonts, standard colors to keep Bin

The main, complementary, set off the relationship between the design elements of the auxiliary symbols, mainly applicable to a variety of promotional media, decorative screen, strengthen enterprise-shaped

As the demands of power, so that the significance of visual identity design richer, more integrity and identifiable.

However, not all of the corporate image recognition system can be developed at the same time a symbol of thought patterns. Or, its logo, standard fonts in this

The body already has a rich picture of the effect, the symbolic pattern loses its positive sense, such a situation, using a standard color-rich visual images better.

Generally speaking, the logo, standard fonts in the application of the design elements of performance, are based on a complete form, did not allow a pattern overlap to ensure its clarity and authority, the application of the symbolic effect of the pattern should be clear , but not all images have emerged a symbol pattern.

A symbol of Japan's Mitsui Bank was very successful designs, the entire pictorial symbol graphics by changing the extension from their peers, and application of results to

The corresponding provisions of a large area of the screen, use the entire pictorial, the small area of the screen, use a cell pattern. Planning an elephant like this

Sign pattern is very easy to expand the use of special help to strengthen the visual image of the recognition effect.

Symbol pattern is designed to meet the needs of various publicity media design, because the application of a wide range of design projects, form 1000

10000 Do not bad, the screen size of the volatility, which requires symbolic shape pattern design is a flexible symbol, can be as an intermediary

Different, or an area the size of the changes in layout to make an appropriate adjustment

And change, rather than immutable pattern of stereotypes.

In general, the symbolic pattern has the following features:

1, can express the aspirations of corporate image force, to make signs, and more integrity of the significance of the standard fonts, easy to identify.

2, can increase the adaptability of design elements so that all the design elements with the design is more expressive.

3, can enhance the visual impact, so that the picture effect is more rich in appeal, to maximize the creation of visually-induced effects.

. Special-shaped pattern

Special-shaped pattern is a symbol of business philosophy, product quality and service culture rich in local characteristics, or commemorative significance of the concrete

Pattern. This pattern can be patterned figures, animals or plants. Choose a meaningful image of the object. Been designed to give a

Like the spirit of things in order to strengthen corporate personality personality, aspirations product quality.

Special-shaped pattern design should have the following characteristics:

1) distinct personality: Special-shaped pattern to be rich in local flavor or with commemorative significance. Select Special-shaped pattern and the underlying spirit of enterprise is inevitable that

Connected. Such as: Japan's Kirin Brewery, the U.S. McDonald's.

2) The design should be the image of friendliness, people love to meet the transmission of information, enhance memory purposes.

I believe that patterns and auspicious company-specific image of the pattern that is intrinsically linked to the meaning, in essence, there are differences, this area

Do not primarily commercial, corporate special-shaped pattern of choice is a clear business purpose, and its local, historical significance, to commemorate the needs of the business purpose is to create, is based departure from the business to create a specific image.

Let's take a look at several companies abroad, special-shaped pattern, which means strong business and commercial sense of humor and love people ruminate. Japan's Kirin wine to Chinese legend of the unicorn mascot for the special-shaped pattern, a marker of Kirin beer. U.S. McDonald's special-shaped pattern is

Using figures clown shape, full of humor, funny, and a sense of joy around the world have received welcome.

Section VI Standard Color Design

1. Definition of the standard color

Standard Color is a business idea or product features a symbol of the designated color. Yes logo, standard fonts and propaganda media-specific color. In the Enterprise

Industry, information transmission's overall color scheme, with a clear effect of visual recognition.

Standard color is the corporate identity system strategy is one of competition in the market feeling of winning charm.

. Enterprise standards development process color

As noted above, with the scientific enterprise standard colors, differentiation and systematic characteristics. Therefore, any design activities and development for

Industry, must be based on the above characteristics, play a color communication capabilities. One of the most important thing is to formulate a set of development operations procedures in order to

Planning activities will be carried out smoothly.

Enterprise standard color determination is based on business concept, organizational structure, market objectives, business strategy and other factors, the overall base

Chu above. The relevant standard color development process, can basically be divided into the following six stages:

1, corporate colors of the investigation phase

Stage of the investigation's focus is to analyze the enterprise itself with the differences between competing businesses, particularly in the use of color differences, color

Business philosophy with the relationship between the color characteristics of corporate goods and consumer evaluation of business environment and corporate propaganda colors, so as to facilitate the future integrated operations, the focus of its investigation are as follows:

2, showing the conceptual stage

3, color image of the stage

4, the effect the testing phase

. Standard color design

Standard color design as simple, clean, with minimal color performance of the most meaning to accurately and quickly convey corporate information


1) Standard color design should reflect the corporate philosophy and product features, select the appropriate color to the corporate image, the performance of enterprises

Production of technical and product substance.

2) to highlight the differences between competing companies.

3) Standard color should be designed for consumer psychology.

. Color expression

1, the color performance elements. Color can be divided into non-color (white, gray, black) and color (red, orange, yellow, green ... ... and so on) two categories

Do not.

Color There are three basic elements of performance, namely, hue, brightness and saturation.

Hue - refers to the color appearance. It is the difference between the name of a color trait (eg, red, yellow, blue, etc.) and mutual mixing the color red

(Eg, red + yellow = orange, blue + red = purple, etc.).

. Standard Management

Set the enterprise standard colors, in addition to the commencement of the implementation of a comprehensive and strengthen the use of in order to obtain the visual effect of integration, is also a need for rigorous

Management approach.

This stage is the process of color to convey management standards for different materials, ink, and technology make the implementation issues to be

Explicit numerical requirement to follow the development of common color management system. Weight of its implementation are described separately below:

(1) According to the selected color to give explicit stipulations: Table color symbols, color printing requirements, ink brand number, color measurement values. Color

Color error value, symbol-oriented requirements;

(2) The production of the correct color samples for the construction of the implementation, printing operations of the reference;

(3) to make a variety of materials, construction technology, poor range of colors allowed.

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