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WWW pages of visual communication and artistic expression (3)

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【Part III】: WWW pages the principles of visual communication design

1: On the part of the overall layout

﹝ 1 ﹞ on the title of the presentation of the

1. The title should to include images and text performance of integrated design.

2. Taiwan users like colors richer title.

3. The title should live in the middle pages, and to render the rectangle.

4. The title should stand out above the background.

﹝ 2 ﹞ a blank space on the layout of the presentation of

1. Layout left blank the amount of 50% is appropriate.

2. Background color purity and high volume can cause layouts blank feeling disappears.

﹝ 3 ﹞ point on the link to the presentation of

1. Bar-type longer text link points to a single row to the left alignment is appropriate.

2. Bar-style short text link points to the middle-row position, text aligned to the left is appropriate.

3. In-line graphic link point, the individual should widen the distance to facilitate the distinction.

4. Links to images, or colors prior to use to guide the ball or stress, can easily search for.

﹝ 4 ﹞ important information about the presentation of

1. Important information should be placed in the title, the home page before the link to point or text.

2. Important information can be used on the front of the image visible or prominent emphasis.

3. Important information can be used in different colors blocks stress.

Message 5 ﹞ ﹝ on the coherence of

1. To maintain a fixed layout, to strike a sense of unity to facilitate reading and searching.

2: On the background of the use of part of the

﹝ 1 ﹞ the relationship between background and the main body

1. Background and main body for the brightness contrast between the preferably 3:1 to 5:1.

﹝ 2 ﹞ background color

1. Pale background to contribute to the overall harmonious family.

﹝ 3 ﹞ function of the background material

1. Pale background material better, with the theme of separation of the light-colored background of logo or text can be.

3: With regard to the use of part of the color

﹝ 1 ﹞ on the use of solid

1. Not more than seven kinds of pure color with the layout.

﹝ 2 ﹞ on the overall performance of color

1. Be able to achieve visual harmony and balance.

﹝ 3 ﹞ on the color contrast

1. To prevent similar colors, resulting in the differentiation between the different kinds of information is not obvious.

﹝ 4 ﹞ color block on the application of functional

1. The use of small colored balls, or blocks of color can cause the effect of clustering, to assist in visual search.

4: With regard to the design part of the text

﹝ 1 ﹞ on the length of each line of text

1. Preferably 20 to 30 characters ﹝ 40 Dao 60 English letters ﹞

﹝ 2 ﹞ on the spacing and kerning

1. Spacing and kerning slated by the software. Designer be able to blank lines between paragraphs and paragraphs, and indent the first line of approach to the supplementary reading.

﹝ 3 ﹞ About the font size

1. Title to H1 to H3 is better, text font size = 3 Dao Ji 4 is better.

﹝ 4 ﹞ fonts on the same layout

1. Three kinds of fonts within.

About 5 ﹞ ﹝ the color of the text

1. Three colors or less.

6 ﹞ ﹝ off on the selected text

1. In the color had to be able to select the text with no links to point to distinguish, we must distinguish between background.

About 7 ﹞ ﹝ the arrangement of text

1. Left aligned with the left margin to maintain an appropriate distance. Can make good use of the form fill in the text to achieve this effect.

About 8 ﹞ ﹝ form or the list of words

1. Using the same font and font size to facilitate identification.

5: About Graphic Design part of the

﹝ 1 ﹞ on the main graph

1. Clearly visible, remove unnecessary noise.

﹝ 2 ﹞ on the significance of graphic

1. Simple and straightforward.

﹝ 3 ﹞ on the graphics within the text itself,

1. A clear easy visual identification.

﹝ 4 ﹞ on the graphics within the text decoration

1. Not too fancy decoration, resulting in character recognition is not easy.

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